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“Shoulders of Giants” – (2022)
by Studio Sonic® Sensory Practice™

Dieter Rams was once asked a question about overcoming mediocrity. He answered “You have to find the right people. People who could actually achieve something through collaboration, who think beyond what they are responsible for on a daily basis. Who think, “what will our society look like in the future.””

The installation is a combination of sculptures created to illustrate the idea of a community of collaborators. A singular brick is ineffective in keeping out the elements. But a group of bricks can form an effective barrier to protect us from harmful things. Likewise, you can try to achieve goals on your own. But a more effective and efficient way of achieving goals is to align yourself with people who have the same goals. 

The centerpiece is a wall with a face constructed from cement cinderblocks. The various sizes of the cinderblocks show us that not all efforts are the same or equal and that in order to achieve, at times, some individuals will need to carry more weight than others. 

The wall is accompanied by 4 light sculptures that react to the environment. Changing consistently like the world around us. Much like the flexibility needed to collaborate, their tempo and color is a reaction to what is happening in real time.

Materials Include:
• Wood
• Zinc plated screws
• White House paint
• Cement
• Plastic
• Circuit boards
• Wire
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"Shoulders of Giants"