November 2021
SonicAGE was a multi-media experiential installation created for DC's semi-annual UMBRELLA art fair. The installation featured an amalgamation of visual mediums used to introduce the Studio Sonic Art Practice to the ever growing DC art scene. SonicAGE featured canvas collage work, wooden sculptures, and projected motion graphics by Eliud Arbelo II as well as foam and concrete sculpture work and projected motion graphics by Pierre Edwards. The center piece of the space was an 10x16' immersive house illuminated by 4 seamless motion graphic projections that allowed visitors of the space to feel what it would be like to be inside a projection. Being fully immersed by light and visuals and allowing the visitors to experience projection art in a more inclusive and visceral way. To round out the installation, we included a merch shop with Apparel, accessories and prints allowing visitors to take something small away to remember their time in SonicAGE.
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